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Amy Tackett

The Tides of Our Sins Signed Copy

The Tides of Our Sins Signed Copy

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This is a preorder for my upcoming novella, THE TIDES OF OUR SINS, which will be released on 8/2/24. All orders will be shipped on 7/31/24.


Emilia Davenport is ready to die.

She always knew her time would come sooner rather than later, and now, as she stands over the edge of the cliff on the impending one-year anniversary of her twin daughters’ disappearance, she’s finally ready to bring this idea to fruition.

After a night of celebration quickly turned tragic at her family’s vineyard last summer, Emilia’s worst nightmare came true when her sixteen-year-old daughters didn’t come home. The only thing more grim was watching it destroy her husband and five-year-old son in equal measure.

Caught in a chokehold between hope and grief, Emilia listens to the intrusive thoughts in her head, telling her to end it all. But as she hovers at the precipice of death, her phone rings, and she has no idea it’s the call she’s been waiting on for eleven months. 

Someone needs to reach her before it’s too late.

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