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The Gala Signed Copy

The Gala Signed Copy

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The Great Gatsby meets The Last Housewife in this dark, psychological thriller.

Are you ready to play, Cole?

Two years after the death of his fifteen-year-old daughter, investigative reporter Cole Sloane is still struggling to cope. Between the PTSD episodes, crippling depression, and a trial separation from his wife, he’s flailing, especially at work. But when a mysterious blast from his past—one that connects all the pieces of his life—lands on his doorstep, everything changes.

Graham Zanella, a world-famous underground artist known for orchestrating controversial art performances, is hosting an exclusive gala, and Cole’s invited. After trying and failing to track down Zanella for several years, this was the last thing Cole expected. And after what happened with his daughter, he couldn’t possibly allow this man to wiggle his way back into his life—could he?

Desperate for answers, Cole caves and plays along. But after discovering an earth-shattering secret, he must decide whether pursuing the story is still worth it. How far will he go to report the truth?

An art gala like never before.

Enter…but only if you dare.

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